getID3() - /demos

This directory contains a number of examples of how to use getID3().

demo.basic.php shows the most basic usage. You only need to set $filename to run it.

demo.browse.php lists directory contents and detailed file information. You need to set $root_path. If you have a large screen, set $wide_screen to true as well.

demo.browse.dhtml.php same as above, but displays results faster using DHTML.

demo.mysql.php shows how to store output from getID3() in a mysql database in a sane way, how to search and create some reports.

demo.cache.mysql.php and demo.cache.dbm.php shows how to dramatically speed up re-scanning by caching to either a mysql or dbm-style database.

demo.mime_only.php shows how to get mime type only without parsing the file or tags. You only need to set $filename to run it.

demo.audioinfo.class.php is an example class, that you can modify to suit your specific needs.